The BD-17L is a single seat LSA categroy aircraft. The simplicity of design and ease of construction make the BD-17L a great aircraft for the first time aircraft builder. Its speed, fuel efficiency, and low cost also make it a perfect time builder. The fuselage is constructed of honeycomb panels for strength and ease of construction (Just like the Yankee).The landing gear is made of S-Ply composite which is very forgiving on landing. The wings are all metal construction using Bede Aero trusted tubular spars, and can be removed easily in less than 3 minutes for storage.


The BD-17L uses a half inch honeycomb sandwich panels. They are chemically welded with gussets to each other. This concept was originally used on the BD-1 and the Yankee. It is a honeycomb core with .020 skins bonded on each side. This creates an extremely light weight but strong panel.


The BD-17 wing spar is strong, light and simple, extruded aircraft-quality aluminum tube. Both wing spars slide over a center spar rigidly, fastened to the fuselage, providing exceptional load-carrying strength. Ribs are made of the same honeycomb aluminum that makes the fuselage 300% stronger than conventional construction. The BD-17′s wing spar has been tested to 11.2 Gs without failure in destructive testing. The honeycomb wing ribs form a series of sealed panels in each wing, capable of holding up to ten gallons of fuel in each with the option of an additional panel on each wing to store fuel.

Landing Gear

The landing gear is one continuous hoop that is fastened to the center section with two pins. The actual assembly to the center section takes approx. 15 minutes. The landing gear is bullet drilled for the brake lines. Fittings are attached at the top and bottom of the hoop. The main landing gear takes approximately 3 hours to build including wheels and brakes.



Wing Span:   22 Feet

Fuel Capacity:   20 Gallons

Empty Weight:   525 Lbs.

Max Gross Wt:   950 Lbs.

Cabin Width:   23 Inches

Cabin Height:   43 Inches

Useful Load:   425 Lbs.


BD-17L-101 Fuselage Package $4,783.35

Kit includes all formed aluminum angles, honeycomb panels, center section, adhesive and hardware.

BD-17L-102 Metal Wing Package $8,338.80

Kit includes all precut honeycomb ribs, wing tips, wing spars, formed rear spar, formed wing skins, Proseal,

electric fuel senders, flap and aileron formed skins, precut mahogany ribs, and aileron torque tubes.

BD-17L-103 Control Package $5,303.65

Kit includes the bonded vertical and horizontal tail section, all bearings and hardware. Also included is all the weldments, push pull rods, trim system needed for the internal control systems.

BD-17L-104 Landing Gear Package $4,394.50

Kit includes landing gear struts, formed nose gear strut, landing gear box, nose gear wheel, main gear wheels, brakes,  tires and tubes, all hardware, aluminum support angles, master cylinder, brake lines and all hardware.

BD-17L-105 Finishing Package $4,125.00

Kit includes canopy, vertical and horizontal tips, seat assembly, all hardware and wind screen.

BD-17L-106 Complete Package $24,842.40

Kit includes all (5) packages above and you receive a price discount and shipping discount when purchasing the Complete Package.

BD-17L-107 Firewall Forward $19,788.00

Kit includes: Engine, propeller, spinner, cowling, and the engine mount.