Bd 6

Starting as a side project in Mr Bede’s shop while the engineering department was occupied with other tasks, the BD-6 was designed and flown in the mid-1970’s. It was constructed with the same bolt-together angle method as the BD-4. The high wing, all-metal, single place, aircraft incorporated a Hirth engine (same engine utilized briefly for the BD-5) and a 2/1-belt reduction drive that applied all the functions of the BD-4 into a condensed single seat craft.

The prototype had a cruising speed of 149 MPH and recorded over 150 flight hours with excellent results. Unfortunately in 1993, the prototype, was damaged in a flood in St. Louis, but was rebuilt after a short time. The BD-6 is still undergoing a painstaking restoration process. The BD-6 is closely related to the BD-17 in overall size and even incorporates some of the same parts, but features its own set of complexities that make this plane unique. The BD-6 plans are currently updated and all parts are available. There are two recommended engines, the 60 HP HKS or 80 HP Jabiru. The BD-6 is one of the simplest, low-cost home-built aircrafts available and is truly a fun sport airplane ready to meet the new sport category requirements.