1. If I buy a kit from you, can I come to your facility for help with building the wings?

a. Yes, pricing information is under the Builder Assist page.


2. How much is it for using the complete build center?

a. Pricing information is under the Builder Assist Tab above


3. If I choose to use your build center, how long does it take to have my airplane completed firewall back? Less instruments and interior?

a. Current build time for the complete firewall back builder assist is 6 months. This does not include instruments, interior, or firewall forward.


4. Where is the build center?

a. St. Lucie County International Airport (KFPR) in Fort Pierce, Florida.


5.  How do I get a demo ride?

a. Demo rides can be scheduled for the BD-5


6. At the build center, can I get the engine installation and avionics?

a. Yes.  We will be offering a Firewall Forward package soon.


7. What accessories do you currently offer?

a. See the Optional Equipment section of each plane to see what is available.


8. Can you ship kits outside the USA?

a. Our kits have been shipped around the world.


9. Do I receive a set of plans with my kit or do I buy them separate?

a. If you purchase a complete kit, the plans are included.


10 Can I come down and visit your facility?

a. Yes, the facility is open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.


11. How do I place an order?

a. Send us an email at sales@bedeaero.com or call 772-801-9448.






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