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Builder Assist Program Options and Pricing for the BD-4C





Fuselage Options:


Assembled Fuselage - $3,190.00

Fuselage will be assembled, holes upsized, countersunk and hardware installed.  Fuel Lines will be installed.  Firewall support weldment will be installed on tricycle configured aircraft.  Requires purchase of BDC101 – BD-4C Fuselage Package.



Assembled Fuselage with Gear - $6,160.00

A continuation of option 1, the main gear will be fabricated and installed along with the nose/tail gear.  Requires the additional purchase of BDC104 – BD-4C Landing Gear Package.



Vertical Tail Assembly - $825.00

Option 1 & 2 do not include the integration and installation of the vertical tail to the fuselage. This option requires the additional purchase of BDC103 – BD-4C Control Package.





Wing Options:


Ribs and Spars - $2,090.00

The honeycomb ribs will be bonded to the tubular spar.  After the adhesive cures, the trailing edge will be attached to the ribs. Requires purchase of BDC102 – BD-4C Metal Wing Package.



Completed Wings Without Control Surfaces - $5,720.00

A continuation of option 1, the fuel system will be installed and the wings skinned. Fuel tank will be pressure checked. No control surfaces installed.



Completed Wings with Control Surfaces - $6,490.00

A continuation of option 2, the control surfaces will be fabricated and installed. Upon completion, this will yield a functional set of wings. Wings will still need to be integrated to the aircraft. Wingtip not included.



Completed Aircraft - $25,000.00

This will include all of the options listed above as well as completing the controls and finish package to the aircraft.  Requires visits to the facility of 20 days spread out over 6 months.  This will leave the engine and avionics to be installed.  Requires the purchase of BDC110 – BD-4C Complete Package.



Builder Assist Program Options and Pricing for the BD-6B

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Builder Assist Program Options and Pricing for the BD-17

Complete Aircraft -- $15,000.00



{Prices do not include cost of kit}





















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